Across the Arabian Gulf from virtual i headquarters in the UAE, Iraq is buzzing with activity, so in May 2017, the virtual i CEO headed to Baghdad to spend a week getting operations up and running with help from our Field Engineer, a bilingual engineer with experience in insurance.

The team conducted several trial surveys to ensure the technology functioned at the highest level of performance and provided appropriate feedback. Next came demonstrations of the real-time capabilities to carriers within Iraq, in Baghdad and in Erbil, as well as to carriers outside of the country. We welcomed positive feedback from the carriers who recognized that the real-time telepresence ability means they do not need to travel to Iraq to assess risks. 

Sitting comfortably in their office, the underwriters and risk engineers were able to communicate in real-time with our local engineer in English. As he conducted the survey and assessed the risks in the field, our technology allowed those sitting in the office to follow, interact with, and get additional information from him. virtual i’s technology allowed the carrier’s underwriters and risk engineers to take real-time photos and videos that were downloaded directly onto their laptops at the end of the call.

Later in the week, our Field Engineer conducted our first survey with Al Maseer Insurance, also in real-time, with the virtual i team writing a full report once the survey was completed. Al Maseer wanted a report of a small risk that was not usually surveyed because the TSI is too small to justify sending out a team. virtual i is able to help customers assess these smaller risks.

The survey was a success, and virtual i will continue working with Al Maseer in the future to aid their growing business. We look forward to helping other (re)insurance carriers and loss adjusters assess risks in Iraq they are not currently able to assess.