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Reduce costs and maximize profitability. Enhanced operational efficiency.
Improve customer satisfaction.
Reach more policies and serve more customers.
Gather risk data reliably and transparently.
Get access to best offers.
Portfolio management dashboard for your business continuity, resilience and growth.
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GDPR Compliant
Works on the cloud. GDPR compliance for key legal factors outside the scope of Google Cloud is assured by one of the biggest UK-based law companies.
All in One Platform
Communications, quotations, client data, risk assessment reports… All are on the same platform and integrated with each other.
Risk Report Follow Up
Follow up on risk mitigating recommendations. Check whether they are applied or not, during the policy renewal process.
Quotation Flexibility
Easily ask quotations from different reinsurers for the same request. No need to enter the same information twice.
Digital Commercial Insurance Solutions Mobile Dashboard
Chat, comment or send attachments relevant to your enquiry/quotation on the platform. Communication history relevant to the individual enquiry/quotation is always available for review.
Standardized Information
Every enquiry and/or quotation is in the same standardized format. Easy to compare and decide. All information that you need is available on every step of the process.
Collection Follow Up
Check the premium collection history.
Risk Reports
Assign risk surveys directly via [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space and import the risk report automatically. Attach it easily to your requests.
How to get the best offer in 7 steps?
Add your customer information
Complete the risk assessment using a single platform
Send tailor-made requests to multiple reinsurers with one click.
Evaluate various reinsurer offers.
Find what is best for you and your client.
Your digitized workflow is complete paperless.
Everything is faster with Vi-Broker.
Brokers Using Vi-Broker
Ayman Al-Achmi
“Virtual i Technologies with their end-to-end project management and support, along with their insurance and technology expertise, gives us confidence to offer better insurance solutions to our customers.”
Ayman Al-Achmi, Chairman and CEO of Braxtone Group
“After meeting Virtual i Technologies, we increased the number and variety of customers we could serve, both throughout the country and abroad. Currently, with Virtual i Technologies, we are able to provide end-to-end risk management and insurance services to our customers, both SMEs and large operations, in an easy and fast way.”
Galip A. Gökakın, CEO of Helmet Broker
Galip A. Gökakın
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