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Improve your decisions
with upto 100% data visibility
via Vi-Reinsurer

Vi-Reinsurer platform is designed for easy integration of AI technologies and
data science for the insurance industry to keep up with the new era.
Be more
efficient with
With 100% data visibility, clear and transparent full risk information
Seamless and cost-effective Claims Handling
Reduce operating costs, increase profitability
Enables precise decision-making for underwriters
Digitilized data and document management
Improves Errors & Omissions (E&O)
Explore Vi-Reinsurer Capabilities
GDPR Compliant
Works on the cloud. GDPR compliance for key legal factors outside the scope of Google Cloud is assured by one of the biggest UK-based law companies.
All in One Platform
Communications, quotations, client data, risk assessment reports… All are on the same platform and integrated with each other.
Risk Report Follow Up
Follow up on risk mitigating recommendations. Check whether they are applied or not, during the policy renewal process.
Quotation Flexibility
Provide multiple offers to the same request. Choose which extension will be included in each offer individually.
Digital Commercial Insurance Solutions Mobile Dashboard
Chat, comment or send attachments relevant to your enquiry/quotation on the platform. Communication history relevant to the individual enquiry/quotation is always available for review.
Standardized Information
Every enquiry and/or quotation is in the same standardized format. Easy to compare and decide. All information that you need is available on every step of the process.
Collection Follow Up
Check the premium collection history.
Review all the details of risk survey report.
How to give quotas to risks with 5 steps?
Choose your preferred risks
Evaluate incoming requests with accurate risk information
Share your offer with one click. Customize extensions or other necessary changes.
Confirm the slip with a single click.
Everything is faster with Vi-Reinsurer.
Erhan Ergüneş
“Virtual i Technologies has provided us time efficiency and easiness for the surveys of small and mid-sized accounts that has improved our service quality for our clients. This technology has differentiated us from our competitors and brought competitive advantage in the market.”
Erhan Ergüneş, Head of Underwriting Sharq Insurance LLC
“Being an non-life insurer operating in the commercial segment of the market we very much see the necessity of organized and structured Risk Management supervision of the new acquisitions and current clients. The started cooperation with Virtual i Technologies brings an opportunity to utilize our resources in a more efficient way. We recognize additional value in conducting remote visits and automatization of the report preparation that shortens the time spend on one case”
Maciej Szczepanski, Property & Transport Director at Colonnade Insurance S.A Branch in Poland
Maciej Szczepanski
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