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  • Transportation

New trends such as mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization and electrification are causing fundamental changes in both technology and business models.

We observed the transformation of the automotive industry with new trends, and created digital solutions for automotive industry employees and managers. Virtual i Technologies helps employees to work more consciously.

Aviation and Space

The aerospace industry had to rise up by finding innovative ways to navigate new frontiers.

Therefore, aerospace manufacturers had to react quickly to the challenges of the global pandemic, and the crisis became an opportunity for those adopting digital transformation.

Manufacturers who embrace automation and explore new ways of doing business, will be better equipped to succeed.

Cargo and Logistics

The cargo and logistics industry has been impacted by the use of artificial intelligence, big data, machines and automation, and the networking of the Internet of Things and other digital technologies. However, the entire production chain was also affected by this.

It gradually becomes more important to improve the customer experience and satisfaction, which includes faster deliveries that can reach anywhere. Traditional logistics efforts are no longer viable in this new age. The cargo and logistics industry is now facing new, different and demanding customers. This requires changes aimed at strengthening collaborations between carriers specializing in certain types of operations or customers.


The largest sector in the manufacturing and production ecosystem is global chemical industry.

Considering the shape-shifting innovations today, chemical companies need to set aside their traditional approaches and renew themselves.

The digital revolution must move the chemical industry towards new business models driven by digital ecosystems that combine products and services provided by technology.

The traditional method of innovation has created a value in the chemical industry. However, more agile and digital studies are required in the future.

Communication and Media

The Media and Communications industry needs a solution that will meet customer demands without sacrificing quality.

During the United States forecast period (2019-2025), Artificial Intelligence (AI) expense in the media and entertainment industry is expected to grow at a CAGR record of 28.1%, increasing from US$ 329 million in 2019 to reach US$ 1,860.9 million by 2025.

AI techniques are used in the field of guiding the need to monetize content, image recognition, speech-to-text software and metadata tagging.

We see more innovation in the media industry where AI tools can predict sourcing demand or premature cuts in supply chain deadlines and even anticipate massive savings to improve margins of profitability.


Reinvent the built environment, ensure a sustainable and resilient urban future in the construction industry.

One of the reasons that started the concept of Smart Cities is the increasing urban population around the world, and the use of digital innovations to overcome long-standing urban challenges. The rise in related construction has put increasing demands for multiple stakeholders to solve a range of problems.

Virtual i Technologies products related to these demands help your business to globalize, you can easily reach international standards in your business.


The digital revolution has transformed education.

Smart technology integrations have made the lives of educators, administrators, and students easier and more accessible. You can increase time management by digitizing files, forms and documents.

With constant technological innovations, it's easy to see how advanced business management can be a success. It both creates a positive effect on the workload of the employee and provides an even more efficient work environment in terms of time.

Energy and Power

Digital and innovative systems have increased efficiency and quality in the industry.

Energy and materials innovation is one of the key issues for creating a sustainable future.

Energy and materials businesses, including electricity, oil and gas, mining, metals and minerals, and chemicals, face many challenges. Many energy and materials companies have highly skilled operations and maintenance workers on site.

Investing in digital , remote working can improve future operating models, find the best talent in the industry and reduce costs.

Financial Institutions

Virtual i Technologies experience and expertise support your business optimization with digital products.

Worldwide, IDC predicts that between 2021 and 2025, the financial services industry will be second only to retail when it comes to AI spending, accounting for about 14% of the $204 billion spent annually by the end of this period.

AI is a useful system in corporate finance as it can better predict and evaluate credit risks.

For companies looking to increase their financial value, artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning can help improve loan commitments and reduce financial risk. AI can also reduce financial crime by detecting advanced fraud detection and anomalous activity as corporate accountants, analysts, treasurers and investors work towards long-term growth.

Food and Drink

Virtual i Technologies companies connect teams and ensure transparency.

Today's consumers in the Packaged Consumer Goods (CPG) and Retail industry food and beverage are no longer just concerned with product lifecycle, sustainability, quality and price. They want to be part of a collaborative product experience and management.

Traditional notions of the supply chain are being challenged.


The video game industry has grown tremendously in recent years.

The gaming industry is bigger than the movie and music industries combined, and it's getting bigger every day. Despite its growth, it still does not receive the attention of the film and music industry. There are more than two billion players worldwide, accounting for 26% of the world's population. It is not surprising that companies want a share of such a large pie. In 2020, the gaming industry generated $155 billion in revenue. It is estimated that the industry will generate more than $260 billion in revenue by 2025.

Technology giants such as Google (GOOGL), Meta (META), former Facebook and Apple (AAPL) have all entered the video game industry.

Virtual i Technologies products and their talented team will help you in the gaming industry.


Digital health is a broad, multidisciplinary concept that includes concepts that come from an intersection between technology and healthcare.

Digital technology has greatly increased operational efficiency by standards of medical care. Digital transformation has significantly improved the overall experience of both healthcare professionals and patients.

Virtual i Technologies services and its talented team will provide you with useful information in the digital health sector.


In recent years, digitalization in the hospitality industry has created a reliable sector for the consumer.

While the size of the global accommodation market will be US$ 3486.77 billion in 2020, it is estimated to reach US$ 4132.5 billion in 2021.

The hospitality industry encompasses a variety of areas in the service industry such as hospitality, tourism, food and beverage services, and even theme parks. With its services related to this sector, Virtual i Technologies provides you with reliable information in the accommodation, food and beverage sector.


Virtual i Technologies products are simple, functional, smart and adaptable to your business.

We don't digitize all of your manufacturing operations, we help you improve your employee and customer experience. Smart manufacturing is fully integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that respond in real time to meet the changing demands and conditions of the smart factory, supply network, and customer needs.

Digitizing production and products will help customers access information.


Virtual i Technologies products protect our most valuable natural resource from the dangers of climate change, overuse, pollution and degradation.

It helps marine insurers support the decarbonisation of shipping. Through digital tools, you can understand the past, optimize the present and simulate future scenarios.


Virtual i Technologies products help you overcome challenges.

Mining Companies are focusing on new technologies to efficiently manage a mine through integrated technologies such as robotics, (IoT), sensors and mobility.

The mining industry has several challenges. Depending on the types of materials extracted ('commodities'), these range from falling/fluctuating commodity prices and demand to labor shortages, changing competitive environment, safety issues and productivity optimisation.

Public Sector

With the Virtual i Technologies service, the quality of public services and access conditions become even more practical.

Some technologies help improve the quality of public services and access to business conditions through accelerated digital transformation.

Digitization of the Public Sector that will contribute to improved governance by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of government processes, increasing transparency and public access to government information.

Digital tools create an impact assessment and strategic support for scaling up successful solutions.

Real Estate

Virtual i Technologies helps your business modernize and incorporate solutions aimed at simplifying processes and particularly cost saving.

Technology and Innovation are building the future of the real estate industry. Digital transformation becomes an indispensable part of the real estate sector by providing healthier and more sustainable buildings, better experiences for building occupants, and more operational efficiency in buildings.

Also new technologies – artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, applications and blockchain are some of the ones that are already being used in the Real Estate Industry and have great promise for the future.


Virtual i Technologies products protect technology innovators so they can innovate faster and more sustainably.

As capabilities and opportunities increase exponentially, high-tech companies must become more responsive than ever to reinvent and maintain the lead while tackling complexity, quality and margin pressures.

Technology and Hi-tech enhance our modern and connected lives with always-on experiences.


Analyze your demand and find the best prices on the market with Virtual i Technologies products.

Digitization can not only make our lives easier, it can also help make the entire world of transportation safer, less carbon footprint, smarter and more efficient.

Artificial intelligence is changing the transportation industry.

Automotive manufacturers, technology firms and research groups around the world explore artificial intelligence technologies to develop automated vehicles for use in both commercial and personal transportation. It is applied in many areas of transportation, such as helping cars, trains, ships and planes operate autonomously,making traffic flow smoother.

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