#TakeTheRiskTakeTheLead events start with women in the insurance industry

#TakeTheRiskTakeTheLead events start with women in the insurance industry

Virtual i Technologies announces its new event series #TakeTheRiskTakeTheLead hosting those inspirational women in the insurance and technology industries who are taking leaps of faith, who are way out of the comfort zone and – in doing so – are not only shaping their own lives, but those of their families, their companies and of humanity at large.

In life, there are thresholds that can only be passed by taking risks. The motivation comes from within and when a woman takes a risk it not only carries her to next phases in her life but the whole community that she is immersed in. This program highlights female contributors to the insurance and technology industries and inspires people around the world – regardless of their gender – to choose their own path, work on achieving their own goals, and escape the biases of stereotypes.

What risks turned out to be your chances of turning your life around?

Nina Bratfalean, Virtual i Technologies Chief Growth Officer, hosts the #TakeTheRiskTakeTheLead event series with the women who forge change for a better world by taking their own risks. The guests are from the insurance and technology ecosystem from different parts of the world, ages and career phases in their lives, including Virtual i Technologies associates.

Some of the guests are:

  • Violeta Ciurel, Experienced Multinational Leader, Board member
  • Ana Maria Mihaescu, Board Member and Angel Investor, Global Mentor for Women Empowerment
  • Lavanya Mamidanna, Business Development Director, Berns Brett Masaood Insurance L.L.C | Independent Insurance Brokers & Risk Managers

“We need to stay open to never settle into a routine, to want to evolve, to constantly learn!” – Violeta Ciurel

What I believe is absolutely essential for a successful career is to really know yourself, to know what you want and the price you must pay to get there.” – Ana Maria Mihaescu

How to attend?

#TakeTheRiskTakeTheLead conversations will be simultaneously broadcasted on Virtual i Technologies Linkedin and Youtube pages each Tuesday throughout March, 2022, starting with 8th March.

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