Virtual i Technologies won Ethical Finance Awards 2022

Virtual i Technologies is awarded as the Most Innovative Insurtech Company at Ethical Finance Awards 2022 by Wealth & Finance International.

Zurich, Switzerland – 7th June 2022 – Virtual i Technologies was named a winner of the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 as the Most Innovative Insurtech Company by Wealth & Finance International. As a pioneer in the insurtech industry with its game-changing solutions, Virtual i Technologies has added another award to the more than 10 it has achieved so far.

Virtual i Technologies won Ethical Finance Awards 2022

Virtual i Technologies believes in a strong value system which forms the core of the firm’s overall vision. With the AI-driven solutions it offers, Virtual i Technologies always considers sustainability, not only in relation to the insurance industry but also society and the environment in general. Therefore, with the social values it supports, Virtual i Technologies assigns importance to ethical finance practices and strives to view these topics from multiple different perspectives as a winner of the Ethical Finance Award 2022 should. 

Virtual i Technologies facilitates a shift in the insurance industry, away from good faith-based underwriting, towards dynamic and data-based decision making. Bringing data-backed facts and transparency to the industry only strengthens trust in the ecosystem. Data-driven decision-making enables stakeholders to provide more accurate pricing. It also prevents the exclusion of certain risks from insurance coverage in policies due to lack of data and so supports business continuity for all stakeholders, from reinsurers and insurers to brokers and policyholders, resulting in increased business sustainability. 

Through its efforts to promote green finance, Virtual i Technologies provides solutions that support reducing carbon emissions around the world by eliminating travel and shifting data storage away from local servers and to the cloud.  [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space, the first independent scientific risk scoring platform in the world, offering remote data gathering solutions, as well as efficient on-site data collection processes for inspections, in addition to a global network of risk engineers, is a must-have product for any green finance task force in the insurance industry worldwide.

Another first-of-its-kind solution that Virtual i Technologies has just launched is Servus Terra; the first practical carbon sequestration insurance solution. Virtual i Technologies has developed the first carbon offset insurance technology and underwriting infrastructure and brought together local communities as the main beneficiaries of the project. Servus Terra demonstrates Virtual i’s commitment to green and ethical finance

Wealth & Finance International hosted the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 with a view to recognize the innovation, determination and ambitions of the leading financiers who are committed to building a brighter, smarter, and cleaner business landscape. As increasing importance is placed on environmentally friendly business solutions, the Ethical Finance Awards 2022 highlight those who deliver positive and sustainable results for their clients.

Veysel Sinan Geylani, Founder and CEO of Virtual i Technologies expressed that “Innovation for the betterment of humanity is the original purpose of Virtual i Technologies. I’m honored that our company has been selected as the Most Innovative Insurtech Company by the Ethical Awards 2022. This is a mission we carry with all our stakeholders from the first day of dreaming Virtual i Technologies. Experiencing a skyrocketing growth has always been hand-in-hand with social and environmental contribution. We will continue to provide simple solutions to complex, currently unsolved problems with our projects and products while keeping the focus around green finance, social finance and sustainability.”

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