New Era in Remote Customer Support: Video Customer Service Solutions

New Era in Remote Customer Support

Businesses make use of various customer service solutions in their daily routine. Recently, a new generation customer services solution, video customer service, became one of the favorites. Then, what is the video customer service solution? What are the benefits that make it a favorite method?

What is a Video Customer Service Solution?

Customer service includes a series of audiovisual service support solutions, such as messaging, chat, email, and phone calls. Here, a video customer service solution can be defined as the whole extent of a more personal and face-to-face communication customer support provider. Thanks to this service, you will have an in-depth detailed path to tackle general issues or questions raised by your customers. The video customer service solution provides engaging explanations for a product or a service through video chats. Customer service becomes mutually easy and understandable for both customers and customer teams with these video calls which combine several common issues on a single platform.

What are the Benefits of Video Customer Services?

Providing video customer services is convenient for marketing professionals, sales, and support specialists. Since video calls ensure detailed explanations in a very brief time, they bring various advantages in terms of time, labor, and accurate data gathering within. In some cases such as inspections, customer onboarding or technical support, etc., there might be a need to travel by either customer or the service provider, but video call service offers a quick and cost-saving experience for each party so that the resolution process is simpler and more user friendly. There are additional advantages to video chat support, such as screen sharing and error indicating. We can list other benefits of video customer services under two main headings:

1) Advantages to the Customer

Video customer service solution enhances the digital customer experience with numerous advantages. Unlike other customer service solutions, video customer service originates personalized solutions for online customers via video chat support. Video chat solutions help build face-to-face communication with maximum efficiency. The most crucial point here is the accessibility to the companies from wherever the customers are, without the obligation to present in a branch or an office while allowing brands to collect data safely. It also contributes to building meaningful and understanding communication with customers consistently. The short explanation and troubleshooting times are especially promising for the problematic tools or programs. In this way, you can offer a fast and efficient solution process without frustrating the customers.

2) Advantages to the Businesses

Businesses lean toward video customer services because of independently distributed video integration, affordability, and quick & simple solutions. A report by Delloite suggests that the voice interactions are predicted to have a decrease from 64% to 47%. In this context, it is expected that 31% of the businesses will conduct 8% of their customer interactions via video chat.

According to survey data published by Microsoft, 85% of the customers who used video chat as a customer service found it helpful. Since it improves the communication between the customer and the customer service, it has a substantial role in receiving positive feedback. We can list the most important advantages provided by customer experience digitizing video customer services as follows:

  • Increase in online sales,
  • Decrease of customer service timeframes
  • Reducing operational costs,
  • Improved call center efficiency.

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