Webinar: Insurtech Overwhelm / How to partner with the best insurtech companies.

Virtual i Technologies, EDII and DXC Technology discuss how to determine and partner with the best insurtech companies.
Insurtech is on the brink of changing our industry, from the inside and the outside. With the advent of advanced technologies and a demand from customers for real-time experiences and simpler products through digitalisation, there’s no shortage of hungry new players to shake up the marketplace.

But in the age of insurtech, just how can we cut through the overwhelm and determine the best and most relevant companies to partner with? How can we quickly take advantage of new digital technologies to deliver more profitable business? DXC Technology with Virtual i Technologies offers a clear way forward.

The IT giant, DXC Technologies, helps global companies run their mission critical systems, delivering the IT services their customers need to modernise operations and drive innovation across the entire IT estate. One way DXC does this is by selecting and partnering with innovative insurtech companies as Virtual i Technologies.

You will find in the informative webinar with guest speakers from DXC and Virtual i Technologies to:

  • Learn how DXC is supporting the London market with its approach to cataloguing insurtech innovations.
  • Discover the in-depth selection process and criteria that DXC uses to surface the best of the best.
  • Hear from DXC’s insurtech invitational competition winner, Virtual i Technologies, as they share real-world examples of helping insurers better understand risk.


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