Virtual i Technologies launched the world’s first independent AI based risk scoring underwriting platform, [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space in the USA. Virtual i Technologies offers instantaneous remote FNOL claims inspection to support the insurance industry when they need the most, like when Elsa hits!


Virtual i Technologies, a Swiss-based InsurTech company reinventing the underwriting process which reduces the fear of poor risk selection while growing the book for the global property and casualty industry, is now in the USA.  Virtual i enables the insurance industry to see all insured locations and help the industry move from good-will to data driven decision making.

With the flagship product, [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space, Virtual i supports the insurance ecosystem by speeding up the FNOL claims reporting and providing cost-effectiveness for business sustainability during uncertain times. 

With [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space, Virtual i offers both standardised and customizable options with creating a paradigm change of making technology affordable for everyone starting from small sized companies to large corporations. It enables the insurance industry to see 100% of risk data even remotely. Without stopping company operations during NATCAT seasons, insurers can both assess for possible new customers who are not insured yet and also investigate before they indemnify with real time 100% visible risk data. With its AI based scoring algorithm and unique features, the insurance industry in the USA can grow their portfolio without the concern of losing underwriting control and also improve their workload by 40% and get a upto 12% decrease in combined loss ratio.