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  • Engineering Insurance Solutions
  • Property Risk Management
  • Liability Solutions
  • Political Violence & Political Risks
  • Cyber Risk
  • Agricultural Insurance Solutions
  • Risk Management Services
  • Financial Insurance Solutions
  • Aviation Insurance Services
  • Micro Mobility Insurance Solutions
  • Insurance for AI Decisions Liability
  • Digital portfolio solutions for FFL, Marine cargo
  • Autonomous Vehicle Insurance
  • Sharing Economy Insurance Solutions
  • Ransomware Solutions
  • Aquacultural Insurance Solutions
  • Smart Mobile Phone Insurance Solution
  • Risk Management Services
  • Carbon Offset Liability Insurance
  • Financial Transaction Guarantee
  • Container Inspection
  • Embedded Cash Flow Protection for SMEs
Engineering Insurance Solutions

Engineering lines like Contractor's All Risks, Erection All Risks, and Comprehensive Machinery Insurance need more effort for all parties, clients - brokers and underwriters. All details should be inspected very well and understood correctly. At this stage, our aim is to seamlessly transfer data, inform all parties at the same time and use your effort to the necessary points. Our solutions aim less effort, easier work and in detail inspections for the right underwriting.

Agricultural Insurance Solutions

Agriculture is a high-risk industry because most farmers rely on rain and other meteorological conditions to raise their crops. As a result, in order to secure the framers, the government has pursued a cautious agriculture policy, which includes agricultural insurance. Agricultural losses, timely insurance payouts can assist smallholders smooth consumption and avoid asset sales. Lenders are more inclined to give credit to farmers who are covered by insurance, allowing them to make productivity-enhancing investments. Animal agricultural insurance, crop agricultural insurance, and farm property and equipment agricultural insurance are the three main types of agricultural insurance.

Aquacultural Insurance Solutions

Aquaculture is breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. Basically, it's farming in water. Stock mortality (onshore and offshore), Floating equipment, Cage towing, Animal transportation, Hatchery and broodstock mortality are example of Aquaculture insurance. Virtual-i provide technical solutions as well as tailor made solutions for both during and after processes of policy such as stock mortality, equipment & support and transit. Thanks to high end technology, Virtual-i provides its customers with smooth claim process and accurate risk inspections.

Autonomous Vehicle Insurance

Driverless cars bear eventually reduce the repetition of collisions and total responsibility costs. But there will be some adolescent pain before we reach that point. As independent automobiles become applicable and human chauffeurs conform sharing the road accompanying driverless cars, more collisions are inclined happen in the near-term. Solutions for autonomous drive vehicles becomes vital such as Auto Liability Insurance, Physical Damage Coverage, Technological Errors & Omissions.

Aviation Insurance Services<

Aviation is a business which is fully controlled and standardised by international rules. Likewise, our technology can offer a completely standardised solution from the leading insurers for Hull insurance, Airport Liabilities, Any Aviation Liability, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers Liabilities in an easy way. Automated write-backs, AI powered flight checks, just ask what you need. Our technology enables in time underwriting solutions.

Cargo Solutions

Transportation is a very strategic part of our life, even we don't see it in action on real world. But if the supply chain is broken, it is very hard to recover. Even if it is very hard to recover the damaged goods, it is possible to recover it's financial losses. At this point, our automated, data-driven AI and ML algorithms steps in and provide solutions for Cargo Insurance & Freight Forwarder's Liability lines.

Although we have a standardised and systematically running solution for these insurance lines, it can adopt any any need easily.

Cyber Risk

Cyber insurance covers your company's liability in the event of a data breach involving sensitive client data including Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, driver's license numbers, and health records. Data breaches and theft, system hacking, ransomware extortion payments, and denial of service are all examples of cyber disasters that can result in financial losses for enterprises. This coverage could be beneficial for small firms that store sensitive information online or on a computer.

Digital portfolio solutions for FFL, Marine cargo

Transportation is a very strategic part of our life, even we don't see it in action on real world. But if the supply chain is broken, it is very hard to recover. Even if it is very hard to recover the damaged goods, it is possible to recover it's financial losses. At this point, our automated, data-driven AI and ML algorithms steps in and provide solutions for Cargo Insurance & Freight Forwarder's Liability lines.

Although we have a standardised and systematically running solution for these insurance lines, it can adopt any any need easily.

Financial Insurance Solutions

Financial insurance is a form of insurance coverage that many businesses buy. It protects them from financial losses caused by a contract partner failing to meet their responsibilities. It can also protect you from a variety of other business financial damages. Financial insurance protects against a variety of losses, including those caused by unexpected, huge drops in stock prices or a company partner going bankrupt, in addition to minimizing the financial effects of a contract partner failing to meet their responsibilities.

Insurance for AI Decisions Liability

While future organizing can support more clearness on the responsibility of AI structures, there will continually be mistrust. Insurance can help you lighten the risk. There are some factors to understand that liability such as autonomy, connectivity, opacity, diversity of liability. AI Decision liability insurance can mitigate predictable liability risks and uncertainties in AI decisions.

Liability Solutions

The word "liability insurance" refers to an insurance policy that protects an insured party against claims arising from injuries or property damage to others. Any legal fees and payouts that an insured party is responsible for if they are proven legally liable are covered by liability insurance policies. In general, liability insurance coverage do not cover intentional harm or contractual liabilities. Liability insurance, unlike other types of insurance, pays third parties rather than policyholders. Third Party Liability, Employers' liability, Professional Liability, Marine Liability Solutions are some the examples of these liability insurance types.

Micro Mobility Insurance Solutions

Flexible insurance solutions for insurance for the first and last mile between your origin or destination and the primary public transportation hub. This insurance policy is designed to fit the needs of micro cars, scooters e-bikes and scooters. There are several options like pay as you go or fixed cheap premiums. Just for the purpose, micro premium levels for macro problem solutions.

Political Violence & Political Risks

Your property and business interruption can be covered against Terrorism and sabotage, Riots, strikes and civil commotion and malicious damage, Insurrection, revolution and coup d'etat, War and civil war. This insurance policy let you to work abroad without any concerns about listed covers. This policy covers your assets even on a foreign land, and enable you to expand your business abroad for developing countries.

Property Risk Management

You can organise your day, your month and the year but sometimes something "sudden and accidental" events happens to property like fire, earthquake, storm, flood etc. and make you suspend your plans. We are developing custom technologies to cover your property from these risks and to speed up recovery processes in order to let you go back to your agenda as soon as possible. Additionally, for your business interruptions are insurable under property policies to keep your financial stability.

Ransomware Solutions

If you were hit by a ransomware attack, it is very hard to go back to the work as mostly all your data is encrypted and the key is in the hands of hackers. At this point, it is hard to get out of this this situation as you don't know what the hackers are aiming and don't know what to pay to go back to work. In most cases, even the cloud service providers or your insurance policy doesn't cover this kind of loss and mostly you are alone with the hacker. Our unique technology solution aims to get you out of this hard solution and go back to your work with no data loss.

Sharing Economy Insurance Solutions

Sharing economy is a growing industry and realise this growth, sharing economies need to evolve sustainably, and guarantee they and their consumers are sufficiently protected from trade and consumer risks. Insurance can help reach these aims by paying out claims when things miscalculate, improving credibility, implanting confidence and construction trust accompanying financiers and clients.

Smart Mobile Phone Insurance Solution

It used to be just the phone when it was invented, but today it is our camera, data bank, communication devices and workplace. Thanks to technological developments for moving a device from a phone to a super portable computer. We know how valuable your phone is, material and nonmaterial. What we can do is recover material damages to your phone and give it a second chance. Our unique solution examines your phone for faults, watches its health during the life cycle and steps in when necessary to recover the damage. Our solution is designed to meet your real needs and splits from the standard phone insurances in the market.

Risk Management Services

To remain competitive, organizations need to be more agile, productive, and innovative and need integrated solutions that cover the entire portfolio. In order to maintain a balance between growth and risks, we provide independent reviews of risk quality, risk exposures & risk quantification through Estimated Maximum Loss (EML) development. Long-term risk management program built by us also supports a top-class placement process.

Carbon Offset Liability Insurance

We create B2B insurance solutions with industry leaders leveraging cutting edge technologies to mitigate the risks of investing into natural assets (“Natural Climate Solutions”) enabling significantly more capital flow in forests and better climate.

Insurance can play a significant role in reducing emissions by creating products to unlock more capital inflow for CO2 Emission Reduction and Carbon Sequestration Targets.

Financial Transaction Guarantee

Transactional Financial Guarantee helps to protect VCN issuer from default payments between Travel Agents to their suppliers. Travel agents need to put up huge capital requiements and undergo very complex compliance procedures to ensure there will not be defaults on the payments to their suppliers when these transactions pass through a VCN.

Container Inspection

We facilitated quicker completion of an increased number of container inspections anywhere in the world. Resulting in a 65-70% increase in inspection efficiency on average.

Container selection is done through an ever improving scientific process, resulting in 97% accuracy when selecting containers that would fail an inspection vs the 10% accuracy seen when containers were randomly selected.

Embedded Cash Flow Protection for SMEs

Business interrupution cover for SME using parametric triggers. The cover will be distributed via POS terminals.

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