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Today I See

Today I See

Virtual i Technologies’ corporate social responsibility project, “Today I See”, in support of their non-profit partner Eyes for Africa, supports those in need of critical medical treatment in Ethiopia who would otherwise have no chance of regaining their sight.

Virtual i Technologies, a game changer insurtech company, is the maker of [VRS]™ Virtual Risk Space which is the first independent risk assessment platform with scientific risk scoring in the world and Hi My Eye, in-app video customer service solution. With AI-driven technological solutions, the company brings 100% risk data visibility to the insurance sector, which has historically been 5%.

Putting humanity in the forefront of the core values, Virtual i Technologies cares for a social support purpose that extends beyond the mere provision of core services, reflecting the elevated role of visibility in society, literally. “Today I See” provides ophthalmic treatment as cataract surgeries to people living in Ethiopia who do not have access to standard medical treatments.

Today I See

Today I See, which has become the traditional CSR project of Virtual i Technologies, was started with the main goal of “Every day, one more person starts to see throughout the year”. The project enables at least 1 person to get the cataract surgery every day for 365 days.

Julie Tyers, Founder of Eyes for Africa who has been an ophthalmic nurse for over 40 years, said that “Sight is a right, not a privilege”. Since 2007, she has been instrumental in facilitating sight-restoring surgeries for patients in remote areas of Ethiopia.

Veysel Sinan Geylani, Founder & CEO of Virtual i Technologies excitedly shared that “Since day one, we have made it our mission to contribute to the sight of people beyond our business operations. With “Today I See”, we will continue to work for a world where at least 1 more person can access this right each and every day. At Virtual i Technologies, we will always continue to be an institution with strong social ties with our clients, investors, business partners and employees of Virtual i Technologies.”

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